Junkyard trip

Just another junk yard run!

At Dorris's I picked up the non-AC alternator brackets for a small block Mopar for $10, and most of a Holley carburetor out. I will be able to completely rebuild a Holley 600 with the parts I'm been given. Ian gave me a thrashed, ugly Holley 600 a year or more ago, and it needed some new parts. Greg gave me a free Holley spreadbore, which I parted out and just needed a few things, and then with the parts I got for free from Dorris I had a complete build able Holley. I'll be able to rebuild with all the spare Holley rebuild stuff I have laying around.

We got real lucky then. It happened to half price at the Pick-Your-Part, and we all scored so good stuff. Jimmy got his lower control arms with swaybar tabs, a swaybar, upper control arms, and the fender he needed for $71, which was awesome, because he would have payed $75 for just the lower arms the day before, but the guy flaked. I super-scored, getting a complete 8 3/4 rear-end for the Duster for $40, along with some trim pieces, and a 90 degree oil filter adapter for the V8 thats going into the Duster!! Woo hoo!!!

Pictures not sorted, but check out my killer sun burn!!