rusty 1929 ford model a roadster

rusty 1929 ford model a roadster

1929 ford roadster; the hot rod


it started with humble roots.

ever since the sale of my last roadster I'd regretted not having a roadster, there was just something cool about having a fast little open topped car. the rumble of the engine, the pipes danny boy the pipes a rumbling and burbling out a sweet song.

that car was rough old shoe, beaten and assembled with cast off parts found on many adventures and built upon the bones of a model a coupe which i murdered.

still...... it was awesome.

i had been playing with a coupe which was pretty neato when I came upon this shell of this car at thee Stockton swap meet.... a 1929 Ford Deluxe Model A with dual side mounts... rare for one but two? someone was a shaker back when putting down some money on a new car back in those dark dry depression years.

the gentleman i'd picked it up from had found it in an orchard in the california central valley, it had been stripped of doors and rumble lid, painted orange and had various farm accoutrements arc welded onto its various appendages. if i had to guess i'd say it must have hauled a sprayer of some sort... but i know it was #6 from the number stenciled upon the cowl...