My 1970 Challenger's Quarter Panel
So, you own an old Pile and the damn thing has a giant fucking rust hole in it? My friends tell me it's a MOPAR thing, but whatever. My Chevy truck looks like it spent a year IN the ocean, but whatever.

This was my quarter panel on 10.29.03. All rotted out and fugly lookin'.

Replacement Piece i found on an R/T parts car for the Challenger.

Flash forward to 4.10.05. I've been through like eight cars, and finally Ian comes over, and calls me a wuss until I chop the damn thing off. Removed all the rusty junk.

Cut your patch panels to fit. Spot weld 'em in, make sure other stuff fits, then weld 'em up.


I still need to finish the job, but it's easy stuff now. In retrospect, it was more intimidating than it really was. The experience I've gotten with the Business Coupe helped out with the welding, but anyone could do this.