why again why; the ramblings of a delirious webmeister

welcome to my little grease stain on the internet!

if you dont know me.... I am Scott, car junky, you may also know by my injun name, "He who messed with something that worked fine and now it is loud and prone to mechanical failure".

Okay, not really, but I do have a lot of fun with the old car stuff. I have enough of 'em. At any given moment, I'm probably thinkin' about one of them. Most people don't understand, but if you're readin' this, you probably already know the feeling.

...that and i'm caveman and like banging sticks and rocks together...

i've been carrying a torch on the interwebs for my shitty old cars and projects for years.... since 2003 or so i believe. it started super simple, got super complicated and i went back to my roots. basic html editing. gonna keep it easy and clean.... i lost my way in a candy-colored, sweet tasting, easy editing content management system.... but i'm a simple dude, back to a familiar format that's easy for me to doodle electrons with. i'll bring back a few of the pages i really liked from before too... the sharp eyed and memory-endowed will recognize some of this junk from my early days of wranglin' web crawlers...

'el scotto' aka 'old car scott' aka 'scott'



shit for sale on Craigslist

the BIG list of all the various old cars I've owned or played with